About us

heArt of shonA is based in Mt Helen on the outskirts of Ballarat, Victoria Australia.

Apart from our online store we currently attend Markets and Festivals to sell and display our Zimbabwean Art & Craft.

Our Mission;

Our main objective is to provide the Artists and Crafts people of Zimbabwe and surrounding areas with an income. 

Our Fair Trade Practices;

We pride ourselves on giving the artist and craftspeople from whom we source our products a fair deal;

1. The prices we pay for our products are set by the artists who create & sell them

2. All products are paid for before in advance when ordered, e.g. this enables the artists to buy the stone required for the sculptures & does not leave them out of pocket waiting for payment

3. We support the Health & Safety of the people we source our products from, by sending dust masks & eye protection this greatly enhances the working conditions they endure

4. We help to promote the work of the people we source our products from, examples of this include sending cameras so the artists can promote their work, positively advertising the artists through biographies & promotions.